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DCHS Cheerleaders Named To 2021–2022 All–Region Team

Leaunna Turner

Alexis Gibson

Mckenna Case

Daisia Sewell








Sports Writer

The Dade County High School cheerleaders were well represented on the 2021-2022 All–Region 7-AA Cheerleading Team announced last week.

The Wolverine cheerleaders named to the team were senior Mckenna Case, junior Daisia Sewell, sophomore Alexis Gibson, and freshman Leaunna Turner.

In addition to the girls named to the team coach Josh Hurst was named Coach of the Year.

This year’s nominees were selected by the girls on the team. Coach Hurst and Coach Becky Goff had chosen nominees in the past but stated that this year with so many amazing students that was impossible.

Each girl selected their top three teammates that met the following criteria. The best all-around cheerleader that is a standout in the following categories: abilities, skill progression (as in how much they improved this year), grades, leadership ability, attitude, and work ethic.

The coaches agreed that the proper girls were chosen and named to the All–Region Team.

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