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Hickey Announces His Candidacy For At-Large District 5 BOE Seat

Contributed article – by Patrick Hickey

Patrick Hickey and Family

My name is Patrick Hickey and I am announcing my run for the At Large District 5 position on the Dade County School Board.

I have been a resident of Dade County for over ten years and reside in the New Home community on Sand Mountain. I have a beautiful wife of ten years and two great kids. Scarlett currently attends Dade Elementary and Cooper will start next fall at the same school. My full-time job other than being a parent is a Traffic Control worker for many different companies in the Chattanooga area, and in the winter time, I coach Rec basketball. My family loves Dade County and everything it has to offer from sports to the restaurants and of course the breathtaking views!
I have always felt led to serve my county and I would be honored to be able to do that as a school board member. The children of today will be tomorrow’s leaders and it is important that we give them the proper tools and education to fill the shoes that you and I will leave behind for someone else to fill. As a parent with a young child in the school system, I will be able to relate with many parents on the issues and challenges my child and others will face in the coming months and years all the way to graduation. The kids and young adults in the school system now and in the future will depend on us to make the right decisions with the interest of their future in our hearts and I know without a doubt that I will be up for that challenge.
If I’m elected into this position, I promise to serve with integrity and have the best interest of your children at heart like I will my own and will work hard with other board members, teachers, coaches, and many others who also work hard to make the school system and the county a great place to be and a beacon for others who want to call Dade County home for our future leaders. I look forward to meeting everyone at future events and debates and I am asking for your vote on May 21st, 2024.

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