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Woods Enters District 3 Commission Race

Contributed article – by Bob Woods

My name is Bob Woods, resident of Rising Fawn, Ga. I am announcing my candidacy for the District 3 representative on the Dade County Commission. I am married to Nadine McMahan of Rising Fawn. We have children who graduated from the Dade County School system, and have one who is now attending Dade Elementary School.


Simply put I am a husband, father, Christian, soldier. I believe in contributing and serving wherever I happen to be. At the conclusion of my military career, I came to live in Nadine’s hometown, Rising Fawn.  Since that time I have been an active member of our local American Legion, the Board of Education, the Chamber of Commerce/Alliance for Dade, and the Inspire Weekend Youth Development program. I have been able to bring forth the necessary steps in each of these programs to make them successful, and I take pride in that fact. From a starting balance of $9 to paying off a debt of $166K in the American Legion, to promoting vocational training at our high school, to serving on the initial board focusing on the creation of a viable Chamber Commerce, resulting in the Alliance for Dade, and by helping create and serving on the Inspire Weekend board for over eight years. I feel that each of these have helped and are still helping our county.

I have experience handling day-to-day concerns while simultaneously planning for the long-term goals of organizations. I have experience managing budgets and the requirement to make the hard decisions associated with this task. If I earn your support and I am elected to serve on the county commission, 1) I will always be prepared for any/all topics that are addressed at our meetings, 2) I will always state my opinion, everyone will know where I stand on various issues, and 3) I have no other interests except to be a Commissioner that you are proud to have on your County Commission.

I sincerely ask for your vote and support in this upcoming election.

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