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Five DCHS Students Featured in Buckle Up Georgia Contest

Photo courtesy of Dade County, Georgia – Five Dade County High School students made it to the top 20 of the Buckle Up Georgia video contest.

News Editor

Georgia Public Broadcasting’s annual video contest, Buckle Up Georgia, raises awareness about reckless driving and safe driving practices. With high school students producing short videos for the contest, students are urged to consider safe driving.

This year, five of the top 20 entries were from Dade County High School students. That’s right – Dade represented 25 percent of the top entries.

The five students were Carter McKenzie, Halen Chaney, Lydda Grace “LG” Wylie, Phinehas Doe, and Ruth Pack. People voted for their favorite by liking the YouTube videos by November 26th. As of press time, winners had yet to be announced.

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