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Efforts to Beautify Trenton Focus on Flowers This Fall

News Editor

Photo by Lydia Berglar – Coming soon to the Trenton town square, these lamp post planters will be filled with flowers in the fall and again in the spring.

This fall, Tree City USA, the Alliance for Dade, and Scenic Dade continue with efforts to beautify Trenton by planting flowers.

On September 29, Tree City and the Alliance for Dade will install 17 flower planters around the town square lamp posts. Twice a year (in the fall and spring), the organizations will replant the flowers.

The green lamp posts recently received an update in the form of banners, and the flower planters are an additional effort to enhance the downtown area of Trenton.

Additionally, during the August meeting of the City of Trenton Board of Commissioners, Jennifer Blair reported that Scenic Dade added over 250 trees, shrubs, and perennials to the Town Creek Trail. This fall, they will spread wildflower seeds along the trail for a pop of color.

The group also hopes to use the leftover funding from the trail project to add benches and tables along the path. Artwork is another possible addition that’s been discussed to add to the natural environment.

Mayor Alex Case noted that both the city and county have agreed to help maintain the trail. Blair said, “We had a professional landscape architect come in. One of the big priorities that we emphasized with this architect was ease of maintenance. It’s actually lower maintenance than it was before the trail was put in.”

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