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Board of Education Approves 14.0000 Millage Rate

News Editor

On the evening of August 21, the Dade County Board of Education held its third public hearing regarding the fiscal year 2024 millage rate before voting to accept the rate of 14.0000.

With this millage rate set, the net tax dollar amount to be collected increased by $742,727 and the net tax percentage increased by 11.05 percent.

Superintendent Josh Ingle reiterated the information covered in the previous two meetings and further explained the five mills taken by the state, saying, “It’s not like we send this money back; they take it off. It’s not a bottom line. They take a portion of all of the different educational programs that we earn through QBE.” He reported that this year, a total of $2,779,320 will go to the state.

All board members voted for the millage rate of 14.0000.

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