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Sinkhole at Magby Gap Caused by Broken Water Line

Photos courtesy of Mike Cameron

News Editor

On the morning of August 16, State Representative Mike Cameron received a call from Superintendent Josh Ingle about a hole on GA-301 in front of Magby Gap Church of Christ on Sand Mountain. Ingle informed Cameron that the school system’s transportation department had noticed a small hole, but nothing had been done to address it yet.

Cameron then went to the site himself to investigate. He explained, “When someone calls me with a problem like that, I get out there, because I don’t know exactly what the problem is until I see it. It’s a state road, and I’d hate for a school bus or anyone to have an accident because of it.”

Cameron discovered a sinkhole that was much larger than had originally been noted. He said, “I heard water running in the hole. It wasn’t just a trickle; it was gushing.”

He took photos, contacted the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) chief engineer in Cartersville, talked to County Executive Ted Rumley and the Dade County Water and Sewer Authority, and notified Magby Gap Church of Christ.

Rumley and the water company told Cameron that they were aware of the hole, but they weren’t aware of its extent. Caused by a broken water line, the sinkhole had expanded to one lane of the road.

The water authority quickly fixed the waterline, and working with GDOT, filled the hole with gravel and covered it with a metal road plate. Cameron explained that the gravel must settle before GDOT can repave.

Residents are encouraged to use caution when traveling in that area.

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