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County Adopts Fiscal Year 2024 Budget

News Editor

On June 15 at 5 p.m., the Dade County Board of Commissioners held a public hearing to adopt the budget for this coming fiscal year.

With Robert Goff (District 3 commissioner) out due to knee surgery and Phillip Hartline (District 2 commissioner) in the middle of a job pouring concrete, the quorum was formed by Ted Rumley (county executive), Lamar Lowery (District 1 commissioner), and Melissa Bradford (District 4 commissioner).

Rumley briefly explained, “We’re here tonight to adopt [the budget]. When we get all the numbers in, we’ll look at it and make sure that our revenues are what they’re supposed to be. We say this every year: If we have to come back and adjust, we will adjust.”

With no questions posed, the board quickly made a motion and voted to adopt the budget.

Don Townsend (chief financial officer and county clerk) noted, “The budget is complete now. The next steps will be the millage rate process, but we won’t have final numbers on that until after the 45 day assessment period ends. Hopefully by the first week of July, we can calculate the millage rate. It is our intent and goal to keep the millage rate the same.”

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