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Citizen’s Academy Tours Dade County Jail

News Editor

Photo by Lydia Berglar

The penultimate week of Citizen’s Academy offered a glimpse into the Dade County Jail, led by Captain Joseph Chambers, jail administrator since 2014. The tour began at the front office and fingerprint station before Chambers showed the medical room, explaining that one way they cut medical expenses was with Powerade. “I bought a mess of Powerades and made sure they were always available if somebody came in who was on a substance and detoxing. I spent about $15,000 a year on Powerade, but I saved $38,000 on our medical bill from transporting people to the hospital.” Participants also looked into a holding cell (top photo). Chambers introduced several of the corrections officers who utilize a digital system to track tasks and note their routine checks throughout the jail (bottom photo). In a 12-hour shift, officers log approximately 400 tasks. Participants also saw the breathalyzer, walked through the kitchen, and ended at the outdoor yard before also touring The Hope House.

Photo by Lydia Berglar

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