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Second Annual Career Fair at DCHS

Photo by Lydia Berglar

The Alliance for Dade and Dade County High School held the second annual DCHS Career Fair on April 19. Expanding to include juniors, the event offered about 300 students a chance to talk with 39 employers in the county. Three juniors (Heath Walters, Paul Allen Phillips II, and Lance Moore) noted that they were at the fair to learn about options for employment in Dade County, but they are still figuring out what they want to pursue after graduation next year.

Photo by Lydia Berglar

Employers at the DCHS Career Fair included small business, city and county government, law enforcement, and companies in the industrial park. One DCHS senior is currently working for Integer and will continue his career with the company after graduating. Pam Beuerlein (talent acquisition specialist) and Teresa Houston (HR manager) explained, “He got connected with us through the guidance counselor. We matched him up with the right hiring manager. He’s working full-time hours now while in school. He’s a one-of-a-kind kind of guy, and he’s been a huge success.”

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