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Rising Fawn Methodist Begins Outreach to Senior Residents

News Editor

David Reed, a trustee at Rising Fawn United Methodist Church, initiated Rising Fawn Senior Outreach as a way for the church to minister to seniors in the Rising Fawn/South Dade community.

While already seeking to care for elderly members of their congregation, the church now wants to expand to any seniors in or near Rising Fawn who could use help with errands or would simply enjoy being visited.

Reed explained, “I wanted to start it as a program of our church after I got to know one woman who is probably in her mid-80s. I’ve been delivering a monthly food box to her and became friends with her over time. She’s pretty much by herself and her family doesn’t live close. She needed other errands to be done in addition to food delivery. I assume there are probably a lot of other seniors in this situation that need somebody to show up for them.”

He wondered how many other people are unable to drive, have lost spouses, don’t have family nearby, and spend many hours alone. He noted that the county transit system only stops at certain locations. 

Reed believes that in addition to errands and grocery delivery, many people who are homebound crave simple conversation and companionship. “I realized that the lady I deliver food to just wants to talk, so we’re trying to be there for seniors, as friends. It’s about making time to check on them”

Reed is heading up the project and will gather others in the church to help as needed. He noted that they are unable to serve as caregivers in a medical sense.

While he’s already had calls from people in Chattanooga, Reed noted that this outreach is specifically geared toward the church’s community of Rising Fawn/South Dade. This is where many of the congregants live, and it’s the church’s immediate area.

Reed said, “If it brings a good light to our church, that’s fine, but we’re not looking for accolades.”

The program just began this March. Reed said, “We’ll see if we get responses. It’s a work in progress, and we may tweak things as we go.”

Interested seniors can call Reed at 762-887-0422 or email

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