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Rising Fawn Gardens Opens the Season with Spring Farm Day

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Photo courtesy of Rising Fawn Gardens – Sitting on 600 acres of land by Lookout Mountain and Lookout Creek, Rising Fawn Gardens opens up the farm to the community at its annual Spring Farm Day.

Rising Fawn Gardens is hosting its annual Spring Farm Day on April 2, an open farm event for nature lovers to enjoy this beautiful retreat at the southern end of Dade County.

According to the farm’s website, they are “devoted to protecting the land, farming sustainably, and building an enduring community that fosters education and wellness.” Many of their events focus on herbal uses, native plants, yoga, and a general appreciation of nature.

Located near Lookout Creek off of Cureton Mill Road, the farm covers 600 acres of land including forest and fields. The farm day offers the public a chance to enjoy and explore this land.

Karen Persinger, who owns the farm along with her husband, Steve, noted that while they don’t have regular open hours, they seek to create opportunities for the community to enjoy the natural beauty of their land.

She explained, “Our annual farm day event is in the spring mainly because of the wildflowers. We want to showcase the natural beauty of this area, and the trails and wildlife. Occasionally we’ll do one in the fall, but the gardens are going to bed then.”

The event page on the website,, encourages guests to “bring a camp chair for sitting by the creek, a yummy picnic, and your favorite wildflower app or guidebook as you meander and explore along the creek and through the woods.”

Throughout the day, several events are available, including a medicinal plant walk, a farm tour focused on conservation of the local ecosystem, and a wild food and herbal tea tasting.

Gates open at 10 a.m. and close at 3 p.m. Entrance for one vehicle (with up to four people) costs $10.

The farm encourages rest and relaxation in nature. In Persinger’s words, “We believe the land takes care of us, and we want to take care of the land back. We’ve had people say that as soon as they enter the property, they can feel their blood pressure lowering.”

The farm’s signature herbs are turmeric and ginger, but Persinger noted, “We grow a plethora of medicinal herbs which we harvest. We sell some fresh, and we dry some.”

A relaxing retreat house is also located on the farm, available from March through November. It is often used for yoga classes and retreats, but Persinger noted, “We host quite a few business and non-profit meetings there and church events.”

A small ridge on the property is one of Persinger’s personal favorite spots on the farm. “We call it the ridge, and it’s not a very high view, but it’s high enough that you have almost a 360 degree view. It’s where we bury our cats, and it’s a really special spot where we like to go and sit and visit.”

This spring and summer, Rising Fawn Gardens is also hosting garden tours. Persinger noted that two garden workshops are in the works, they will be doing an event in June at the library, and anyone can call about private garden tours.

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