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DMS Students Become Honorary Alliance for Dade Investors

News Editor

Dade Middle School students Keli McMath and Kyla McMahan created a business along with their Crafty Classroom classmates by making and selling beaded crafts, specifically keychains. On March 20, the Alliance for Dade honored their entrepreneurial spirit by awarding them an honorary certificate of membership.

Natalie Birchett leads the class. McMath explained, “It started when we were doing school clubs. Our teacher decided to come up with our own club in our room. [We thought that] we know everybody here, our friends in the classroom, we have experience, and we all have different ideas, [so we came up with the idea to make and sell] keychains.”

Pictured from left: Terry Powell, Jane Dixon, Sandy White, Keli McMath, Carey Anderson, Kyla McMahan, Ted Rumley, George and Marcy Williams, Robert Goff, Natalie Birchett

Photo by Lydia Berglar

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