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Industrial Development Authority: Additional Water Lines Planned to Support Development

News Editor

The highlight of the Industrial Development Authority’s Feb. 20 meeting was discussion of two additional water lines in Dade County. The IDA is supporting Dade County Water & Sewer Authority’s efforts to secure a grant for this project.

Evan Stone, executive director for the IDA, explained that the goal is to install eight-inch water lines throughout Vanguard Drive and Highway 299.

Stone said, “Both are high economic impact areas. Highway 299, as we’ve talked about it, we’re limited because of the water supply. We’ve got sewer, but we don’t have water [to support any] large projects.”

The IDA voted in favor of allowing Chairman James Cantrell to write a letter of support for the water authority’s efforts to secure a grant. The IDA is also asking the Alliance for Dade, Ted Rumley (representing Dade County), the City of Trenton, and the Northwest Georgia Joint Development Authority (JDA) to write letters.

The IDA was joined by two representatives of the JDA: Jeff Mullis (president and CEO) and Spencer Hogg (project manager) attended the meeting and stayed in executive session.

Stone commented on the industrial park tour on Feb. 7, noting that as new officials are elected, the IDA hopes to host more tours and visit additional industries.

Members of the IDA will also be going through training courses. Cantrell has already been through the courses, but nearly all of the other members have not yet been through the training.

Additionally, the new IDA website is still a work in progress, due to server issues on the county’s side.

According to Stone, several projects are in the works. He said, “Project Harwood is still moving ahead. It’s probably five or six months down the road. I’ve also been working with a local industry in the last week or so. We’ve got a regional company currently in Dade County looking to expand. They’re landlocked, so they can’t [build]. They’re wanting to move off their current location.”

The authority entered executive session for further discussion of projects and did not vote on anything after the session.

The next meeting will be March 20.

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