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New Trash Collection Service Reaches Rural Areas

News Editor

In August 2022, Chris Wills started HW Trash Service specifically offering Dade County residents who live outside of Trenton city limits a helpful option for waste management.

Trenton residents benefit from city collection services, but the rest of the county either signs up for a collection service, takes trash/recycling to the transfer station, or burns trash. Several residents have noted that it is difficult to get in touch with the two collection services listed on the county’s website.

Wills explained, “My brother moved into Trenton a year or two ago, and he said they were having problems with the trash service. Friends who live outside the city limits were saying they couldn’t get a hold of the listed services. All of my customers have said they couldn’t get a hold of anybody, and the transfer station asked if they could pass out my number. From my understanding, other companies are overwhelmed.”

With 17 years of experience as a FedEx driver and also owning a trucking company, Wills saw an opportunity to build a business that merged his assets and experience and provided a needed service.

Wills also saw a way to aid people who have long driveways. “Some people can’t get their trash all the way to the end of the driveways, if they’re older or have disabilities,” Wills said. He charges an additional $10 per quarter for those who specifically want him to collect trash near the house instead of curbside pickup.

His rates are $75 per quarter ($25/month) or $85 with the additional service. “I asked around, and everybody charges about $25 a month. I know money’s tight for people,” he said.

One current customer on Sand Mountain noted that Wills goes above and beyond to provide excellent service. Wills said, “I try to make things as easy as possible. We have three rules: God first, family second, then business. God blesses me, so I try to spread the blessing if I can.”

Wills also asks his customers to help him prevent litter on roadways by making sure trash is securely in bags. “We ask that you make sure your trash is in bags. If I dump loose trash in the back of the truck or trailer, it will fly out while driving, creating litter.”

Wills serves Lookout Mountain, Sand Mountain, and the valley. He currently collects once a week on Tuesdays. “I ask customers to try to keep it to six regular-sized (12-16 gallon) kitchen bags per week.”

Wills noted that the business is still small. He said, “We’re definitely wanting to grow the business and hire more employees. I use my own truck, but I’m looking for a new truck with a dump bed that’s not too big so it will still fit in people’s driveways. This is something we want to do for a while.”

Wills can be reached at 423-290-9565. If he doesn’t pick up, interested customers can leave a message.


  1. Jeremy Littlejohn on August 4, 2023 at 7:35 pm

    Is there not a website to look at for this company?

    • Editor on August 8, 2023 at 8:49 am

      Hello Jeremy, no website, but you can call 423-290-9565.

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