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Trenton Pressing Donates to Trenton Police/Fire Departments

Photo by Lydia Berglar – Trenton Pressing made a $5,000 donation to Trenton Fire Department and Trenton City Police on Dec. 20. Hans Pfunder, owner of Trenton Pressing, reflected on the turnaround the company has seen in the last two years. “Two years ago, myself, my father, and two other gentlemen took over this company formerly known as Gill Industries. The plant was about to shut down completely, and they had let 220 people go. We were able to turn a bankrupt company into a very profitable company. I deeply believe that this was only possible due to the readiness of the people here. Many of our employees are from Trenton and Dade County, and we have these good people thanks to you all. We are finally in the position where we can give back a little bit to the community, and we want to do even more in the future.” Mandy Whitehead (HR manager) added, “It lets everyone rest easy knowing that in times of distress, y’all are the ones coming to the rescue. Pictured, from left, are Mandy Whitehead (Trenton Pressing HR manager), Ansel Smith and Jerry Kyzer (Trenton Fire Department), Hans Pfunder (Trenton Pressing owner), Steve Beaudoin and Dylon Floyd (Trenton City Police), Mayor Alex Case, and Randall Hamilton (Trenton Pressing plant manager).

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