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Dade Votes Walker, Warnock Retains Senate Seat

News Editor

Unofficial election results for the Dec. 6 Senate run-off show that Dade County overwhelmingly voted for Herschel Walker, but with just over 51% of votes state-wide, Warnock (incumbent Democratic Senator) won the race.

See below for the breakdown of the results which are being certified at the time of printing/distribution.

Beginning in January, Democrats will hold 51 seats in the Senate and Republicans will hold 49.

Out of 11,134 registered voters in Dade County, 5,100 ballots were cast for a 45.81% turnout. 

  • Provisional: 3
  • Absentee by Mail: 140
  • Advanced Voting: 2,000
  • Election Day: 2,957
  • Herschel Junior Walker: 4,195
  • Warnock: 901
  • Blank Ballot/Write-in: 4

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