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High School Uses 3D Driver Safety Program

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On Nov. 28, all Dade County High School students participated in a driver safety training program called Cinema Drive and Smart Driver. Portions of the program utilized 3D technology to create a real-time, virtual program.

Through a grant from the Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety, 50 Georgia schools (selected on a first come, first served basis) were able to utilize the program free of charge.

Photo Courtesy of DCHS – Students at Dade County High School complete a testing portion of the driving safety presentation.

Students completed pre- and post-testing as part of the program, the results of which will help the company ascertain student comprehension. The top performers on these tests were Carah Bisinger, Macie Endicott, Landen Mahan, Gracen Reyes, Ben Tinker, Javy Mayo, Skylar Gerrells, Kimber Vaughn, and Tanner Kunkel.

Assistant Principal Chastity Steadman noted that the high school is considering paying for the program in future years. DCHS does not currently offer a driver’s education program.

According to Steadman, “[Teaching students to drive] is something that needs to be prioritized at home, but we can help parents as they teach students to drive.” The training covered issues such as texting, speeding, driving while intoxicated, and driving in hazardous conditions.

With the help of experts who handled set-up and technology, the presentation involved a 3D projector, 3D screen, surround sound system, interactive remotes, and 3D glasses.

Landen Mahan, a freshman, enjoyed the 3D presentation and learned the importance of driving sober. “I learned how dangerous it is to drink and drive,” he said, “I’d like to get my permit as soon as I can.”

Sophomore Kimber Vaughn currently has her learner’s permit. She reported that she remembered the presentation while driving home, noticing that her braking habits reflected what she had learned in the presentation.

Vaughn also said, “I liked playing games with the [remote]. The program covered things I already knew, but I thought more about them and reflected on [driving safely].”

According to an email sent to Georgia superintendents and principals, “Cinema Drive and Smart Driver are among the most sophisticated 3D multi-sensory, interactive, safe driving experiences available to high schools in the country. More than 700,000 students have participated in this evidence-based experience, and it is expected that at least 18% of your students who are at risk in your school will change their intention to behave on the roads after viewing this experience.”

Steadmore appreciated the interactive elements. “It wasn’t just talking and giving statistics. It went into the science of what happens when driving impaired. The 3D technology gave it a more realistic feel. During the 3D presentations, students seemed very quiet and engaged.”

Through the program, students are also able to download a free mobile app with three weeks of additional education and simulation games.

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