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Successful Creek Clean-Up

News Editor

Through the work of 18 volunteers, the Nov. 19 4-H Club and Rivers Alive project (explained in the Nov. 16 edition of the Sentinel) successfully cleared 340 pounds of trash from along Lookout Creek.

Photo by Laura Beth Cunningham – Some of the volunteers posed in front of the collected trash.

4-H students Clay Allman and Braxton Wood took on leadership roles to promote the project and handle on-site organization.

Allman says, “I’ve enjoyed being able to work with Braxton, and I’m excited that [the project] is back since we haven’t had it in a couple of years. I see Rivers Alive benefiting the community by making the area more beautiful. The wildlife in the area benefit since there won’t be so much trash in the area.”

Allman notes that he learned how to work well with Wood as they practiced leading together.

Wood says, “I enjoyed taking steps to clean the local water, get the community together, and create a safer area for the wildlife. Being a leader is a new experience for me that I have enjoyed learning about. I have gained confidence in speaking in front of a large group of people and learning what goes into organizing an event.”

Looking to the future of 4-H, Wood notes, “I am excited for our district project achievement because a lot of my friends that I meet through other 4-H events will be there also,” while Allman says, “As soon as I figure out a plan for a service project or when 4-H finds one, I’ll be right there ready to lead it or help.”

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