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DCSS Press Release: Dade County Schools Facilities Update

Editor’s Note: The Sentinel requested permission to publish, verbatim, the Nov. 15 press release from the Dade County School System. Along with the Sentinel’s articles covering the Davis rebuilding issue, read the official statement below from the board to hear from both sides regarding the issue.

Recently, the Dade County School District received Requests for Proposals (RFP) for the Davis Elementary building addition specifying the scope of work for the construction project. After reviewing the proposals for the 100% locally funded project, the total costs, which included existing kitchen repairs, exceeded $4.3 million.

After much thought and consideration, and to be wise stewards of the taxpayers’ resources, the Dade County Board of Education, by a majority vote, approved postponing the Davis Elementary building addition, along with building other new facilities at its regularly scheduled monthly meeting on Monday, November 14, 2022. Although the board of education made the decision to postpone the building addition, the board of education remains open to revisiting this as the inflated cost of new construction improves.

Currently, there are existing renovation and modification needs within our school district that are outlined in our Local Facilities Plan (LFP). A vast majority of these renovation and modification needs are at Davis and Dade Elementary schools. These project needs include items such as roof and HVAC replacements, windows, lighting, flooring, painting, ceiling tiles, etc. To help offset construction costs, the school district will be eligible to apply for state reimbursement funding once the identified projects in the LFP have been completed. The board of education remains committed to addressing the renovation and modification needs within our existing facilities for the students of Dade County Schools.

The Dade County Board of Education will not waiver from its mission, which is to ensure that every student has the opportunity to become independent, hard-working, competent members of society within a caring and uplifting cultural environment which includes:

  • Dedicated teachers and staff
  • Community and parent commitment
  • Safe and orderly environments
  • Strong leadership committed to excellence

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