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HHM Audits Dade County, Onsite Oct. 17-27

News Editor

The detailed onsite visit portion of Dade County’s annual audit was completed on Oct. 27 by the Chattanooga branch of Henderson Hutcherson & McCullough (HHM).

Alicia Juhl (lead auditor) and her team from HHM were at the commissioner’s office Oct. 17-27. They returned to their office where they will now complete the audit.

Don Townsend, chief financial officer for the county, said, “We do have an annual audit, usually completed during the last couple weeks of October. Every county in the state of Georgia is audited.”

He continued, “We’ve had a relationship with HHM since before I came here in 2006. We work very well with them, and they do a thorough job. They incorporate our health department and the IDA reviews into our audit. We’ve had a clean audit evers since I’ve been here.”

Lead auditor Juhl said, “[We tested] a sample of transactions from July 1, 2021 through June 30, 2022. We test transactions across all funds of the county and use the results to issue an opinion on the financial statements. During our testing this year, we did not identify anything that would require us to modify our opinion.”

According to Townsend, “Our fiscal year runs from July through June, and there is a 60-day window that stays open during which we account for any final purchases from June.”

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