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Trenton First Baptist’s The Blessing Ministry Helps Expectant Moms

Brilee Johnson and Meghan Pittsley lead The Blessing Ministry, part of Trenton First Baptist Church. The Blessing Ministry provides showers for expectant moms. In one month, they have been able to help three moms, and are looking to help more. Pictured are Johnson and Pittsley at a recent baby shower event.

News Editor

The Blessing Ministry, a new ministry that is a part of Trenton First Baptist Church, aims to help new expectant mothers by providing them with a baby shower, and much needed baby items.

The Blessing Ministry is led by Meghan Pittsley, a long-time member of the church, and Brilee Johnson.

“Once Roe vs. Wade was overturned so many people were saying ‘If you’re pro-life then now is the time to step up and do something to help.’ Every time I heard or saw that comment, the Holy Spirit would pull at my heart. I wanted to walk beside them, letting them know it is possible to care for their new baby and that they have a community behind them,” Pittsley said.

After Pittsley came up with the idea for the ministry, she went to Preacher Eddie Cantrell, who was immediately on board with the idea.

“We started working on when and how to get the church involved within just a few weeks. I’m so thankful for the push he gave me,” Pittsley said.

Pittsley will help the mothers gather a list of their needs or help create a registry. The Blessing Ministry provides invitations, snacks, drinks, the decorations and the entire set up and break down of the baby shower.

“The invitations will be donated by Cara Woolsey from “The Monogram House embroidery and designs by Cara.” During the baby shower they will be able to make sweet memories with their friends and family. My partner, Brilee and I, will be completely behind the scenes,” Pittsley said.

Before each shower, the event will be listed in the church bulletin for the congregation to be able to donate specifically for each family. The name of the receiving family will remain anonymous unless chosen to be made public by the family.

In just one month, The Blessing Ministry has helped two families, and have started working with a third mom to be.

“I’ll never forget the expression on the face of the first mom we blessed. It forever changed my life. She was so beyond thankful. The overwhelming relief she felt was evident. That’s exactly what we want from this ministry. To give peace to the expectant mothers and for God to move in their hearts,” Pittsley said.

Pittsley has discovered that a lot of expecting mothers do not have a support system. Therefore, the idea of a shower seems very uncomfortable. The Blessing Ministry has offered a second option, to gather items and deliver them to the mother to be.

“I’m a mother of three. My husband and I had our first daughter while he was still in school for his master’s degree. Without our family behind us, life would have been a lot harder as we brought our first baby girl into the world. I also know not everyone is able to have that experience. I wanted to help these mamas know that they are so loved and so is their growing child. The relief in knowing your child will have a bed to sleep in, a clean diaper to wear and clothes to stay warm is unmatched,” Pittsley said.

An expectant mother can be nominated for a shower by emailing Pittsley at Pittsley’s number is also listed the back of the Trenton First Baptist Bulletin under ministry leaders. The Ministry is also on Instagram at TheBlessingMinistry.tfbc.

“I want the community to know our church and our ministry is here for them. I want their first thought when they see those two pink lines to be ‘I can do this’ and not ‘How will I do this?’ Our community may be small, but they are mighty. I’ve seen first-hand just how big and loving they can be,” Pittsley said.

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