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BOE Submits Request For Proposal For Davis Elementary Construction Project

News Editor

The Dade County Board of Education has submitted a Request for Proposal (RFP) for the Davis Elementary construction project, to replace the Rock Building, which was demolished in 2020.

“An RFP is our advertisement to contractors letting them now that the Board of Education is soliciting proposals based on the specifications outlined and drafted by our architect,” Superintendent Josh Ingle explained. “We will provide those specifications to the contractors; they will crunch their numbers and they will submit what they think they can complete the project for.”

The Board of Education approved a building plan last year, but issues halted the process, including needing an environmental site assessment for a propane tank on the school’s property.

During that process, building materials and construction costs were going up. The original building that was approved by the board cost $3 million but would cost about $4.6 million now.

“Obviously, I want to be a wise steward of taxpayer resources, if they all come back under that budgeted amount, that’s great. My preference would be to see some of our local contractors and sub-contractors be involved in this project,” Ingle said.

The RFP must be out for 28 days by law, listed on the Georgia Procurement Registry. When a project is posted on that website, contractors all over the state are notified electronically.

The Board of Education is holding a mandatory meeting on Sept. 13 for contractors that are intending on submitting a proposal.

“It gives them an opportunity to be onsite, ask questions, see where the new building is going to go and ask questions about timelines,” Ingle said.

Prior to reaching the RFP stage, the plans for the project had to be signed off by both the Georgia Department of Education and the state fire marshal.

“Even though this is a local tax dollars project through SPLOST; we are not receiving capital project funds, we still have to meet requirements with the Georgia Department of Education,” Ingle said.

The amended building design is smaller but will still put back the space that the school had lost with the demolition. In addition, it will keep the children safer, by having them be under one roof, instead of having to go outside on the sidewalk between two buildings.

In the new building, there will be space for five additional classrooms, plus a large music room, and a STEM lab.

An important detail to note about the construction is that rock from the old building was saved from the demolition and will be incorporated into the new building.

The proposals are due on Sept. 29, with the contract to be awarded sometime in October.

“The Rock Building that was demoed, [former Superintendent] Dr. Harris and the board promised that community that they would build something back. That rock building was very sentimental to the Davis Community. The community is expecting it. It is time to get moving,” Ingle said.

“Our Yellow Jackets, current and past, are elated that the Davis Rock Building project is moving forward,” Davis Elementary Principal Charity Barton said. “This project will allow for five additional classrooms and a music room. This building will also connect our gym and main building in order to keep our students under one roof when moving between spaces. The Rock Building is sentimental to our Davis community because it was built by and for them. We are looking forward to honoring this history while ensuring a safe and positive learning environment for generations to come.”

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