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Stevie And The Moon Offering Epigenetic Hair Follicle Analysis

REBECCA HAZEN/Dade County Sentinel
Stevie and the Moon is offering a $150 introductory price for Epigenetic Hair Follicle Analysis. The process includes plucking hairs and putting them on a scanner (pictured), which sends information to a laboratory. Hair follicles store 90 days of information, which is then given in a detailed 30-page report.

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The Shop: By Stevie and the Moon is now offering Epigenetic Hair Follicle Analysis, which is a new service using Cell-Wellbeing mapping technology. By plucking a few hairs, 90 days of information about your body can be accessed.

Normally, the reports cost anywhere from $250 to $450. Stevie and the Moon is offering an introductory price of $150.

“This is German technology. It cost $100 million to bring it to market. I am offering the Optimize Immunity and Wellbeing Report. This is going to be a 30-page intensive report covering everything from your environmental indicators, food and additives restrictions, and vitamin and mineral deficiencies,” Dorinda Moon said.

The shop is also offering a baby and child report based on growth and development, and an athletic performance report for athletes who want to be at peak performance.

The report will feature many different graphs, including the Optimize Systems Support graph, which is viewed as a pie chart.

“If all the little pieces inside of this wheel were the same size, you would be in optimal health. The larger the pieces are, that’s the areas you focus the most on. The smaller pieces are the areas of less concern,” Moon explained.

Some other data that the report will provide includes a detailed list of environmental exposures and/or sensitivities that include toxic metals, mold, parasites and more. The report will also suggest which vitamins and minerals are needed. There are also lifestyle suggestions, such as exercises and how to bring stress down. The report will provide a list of foods to eat, and those to avoid, for the next 90 days.

“The great thing about this report is that it gives you food suggestions to fix everything. If you know that your gut needs support, you can add things in like garlic, berries, and tomatoes. For 90 days, you can avoid foods too. You can slowly introduce them back in after that, to see if you notice any problems,” Moon said.

Moon gave an example of helpful information that a customer received through the report.

“One of my customers is a cardio patient. He had to restrict his salt intake. His report said that he was deficient in iodine and sodium. But the good thing about the report is that it told him how to get that naturally from foods, instead of table salt,” Moon said.

Moon has taken the test herself, too.

“I love cheese. It’s my favorite food. So, it came back as a food restriction because I am eating too much cheese,” Moon said.

If you are interested in receiving a report, Moon says to call Stevie and the Moon and make an appointment. The process will only take a few minutes and includes plucking four hairs from the base of the neck. If the customer is bald, two eyebrow hairs will be taken from each eyebrow. The hair is placed on a scanner, and the information is sent straight to a laboratory in Germany.

“It’s almost like when you chop down a tree, and you see the rings in a tree. You can tell if there was a lot of rain, or if it was exposed to fire. That is the same thing as your hair follicles. Your hair can store 90 days of information,” Moon said.

About 24 hours later, the report will be ready. Moon says that she goes through the report with every customer.

Moon also noted that Stevie and the Moon offers many products that can further help the customer’s health, and she will help customers find what they might need.

For more information, and to make an appointment for a report, call Stevie and the Moon at (706) 657-2535.

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