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Dade Water Discusses Partnership With Marion County, TN

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The Dade County Water and Sewer Authority discussed giving water access to residents on Egypt Hollow Road during the Tuesday, July 26 meeting.

The majority of Egypt Hollow Road is in Marion County, but the road dead ends in Dade County. Three homes are on the Dade County side of the road.

“We have had several inquiries over Egypt Hollow and their water access. The bottom line is they have contaminated wells. It would cost us a rough estimate of $376,000 to install a main,” Chair Eddie Cantrell said.

General Manager Sherri Walker noted that she spoke with Marion County Mayor David Jackson last week. Jackson is willing to pay for the installation of water mains on Egypt Hollow Road from their American Rescue Plan Act funds.

The water main lines can be connected to the Water Authority’s system via a master meter that can be installed at the end of the six-inch water main on Murphy Hollow Road.

“They can purchase water from us. It would still be their system. It’s Tennessee, and we don’t need our guys going into another state to service lines. But we are more than happy to help them get some decent water up there for the residents. We are trying to work hand in hand with Marion County,” Walker said.

Walker noted that there was a Marion County Commission meeting the night prior to the Water Authority’s meeting, but she had not heard back about their decision yet.

If Marion County agrees to pay for the water line, Jasper, Tenn., would have to agree to accept maintenance responsibility for the water main and meters.

Also, during the meeting the Board voted to approve a 35 percent tap fee increase. The current tap pricing for a three-quarter inch tap is $1,400 and will go up to $1,900. The current price for a one-inch tap is $1,700 and will go up to $2,300. The current price for a two-inch tap is $5,500 and will go up to $7,400. Any taps larger than two inches will be priced at the time of the request.

“I’d hate to do this, but we have to go up on tap prices. Just this year alone, the materials for a tap have gone up 32 percent. It is imperative that we go up because we’re losing money,” Walker said.

The Board also discussed obtaining funding from Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT), for the move of a waterline.

“GDOT is coming through and replacing bridges in a lot of areas. They’re going to replace the bridge at Squirrel Town Creek off Highway 11. GDOT contractors will move the waterline, but we have to pay for it,” Walker explained.

The waterline consists of 2,400 feet of eight-inch main pipe and 550 feet of six-inch main pipe.

According to Walker, she has negotiated with GDOT, and they are offering to pay 30 percent of the costs, $118,509. This leaves the Water Authority responsible to pay $276,521.

The Board agreed to ask the County Commission to pay the remaining balance with SPLOST funds.

The board voted to list old vehicles and equipment on The items include a 2013 Ford F-150, a 2005 Dodge, a 1990 International Dump Truck, a 1992 Ditch Witch, and a copier. It was noted that the vehicles were inoperable, but the authority is hopeful to get some money for the parts.

The board also voted to purchase two 2022 Chevrolet Colorado trucks for $27,896 each, from John Thornton Chevrolet in Lithia Springs.

Elizabeth Zeller presented the financial report. The total income for the month of June was $367,557.28. The total expenses for the month were $304,697.29. There were 6,567 payments processed and 280 work orders processed. There were 147 line locates, 18 water main leaks repaired, and five taps installed.

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