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Sanchez Speaking At Next FCCSP Meeting

Jerry Wallace, naturalist at Cloudland Canyon State Park is pictured with Alannah Sanchez, guest speaker for the July 28 Friends of Cloudland Canyon State Park meeting.

The speaker for the July 28th Friends of Cloudland Canyon State Park meeting is Alannah Sanchez.

She is an 11–year–old rising sixth grader. She’s an aspiring future park ranger with a passion for environmental issues. She is a seasoned junior ranger with camp/program experience at parks all over the country but her heart and soul is with Cloudland Canyon. She jumps on opportunities to volunteer with and educate about the parks and encourages her family and friends to join her.

Most recently Sanchez was awarded the third place medal in Georgia’s 4–H competition with a speech about her favorite park and ways to protect it for future generations. When she isn’t at a state or national park, Sanchez enjoys ballet, golf, reading, and art. She also loves spending time with her two cats, Fred and Binx. She has been in German language immersion since kindergarten and has big plans for international travel.

Currently she has been fortunate enough to visit stateside wonders such as the redwoods in California and the Everglades in south Florida. She’s so far been able to participate in the junior ranger program in more than five states and has plans to continue to visit more.

Sanchez lives with her parents, Daniel and Talia, and her two–year–old brother Sebastian in Whitfield County. Despite the age gap between Alannah and Sebastian they are best friends and he helps drive her passion for serious environmental change.

The meeting is at the park’s Group Shelter 1. A meet and greet begins at 5:30 a.m., with the meeting starting at 6.

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