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Democratic Runoff Election Sees Extremely Low Turnout

News Editor

The Democratic General Primary runoff Election Day was Tuesday, June 21, with a period of early voting.

Voters had the opportunity to vote for Charlie Bailey or Kwanza Hall for Lieutenant Governor, Dee Dawkins-Haigler or Bee Nguyen for Secretary of State, Raphael Baker or Janice Laws Robinson for Commissioner of Insurance, and William Boddie, Jr., or Nicole Horn for Commissioner of Labor.

Dade County Board of Elections members Carolyn Hixson and Linda Breedlove both noted that there was extremely low turnout; in fact two precincts had zero voters.

There were three voters at North Dade precinct on Election Day, five voters at Trenton precinct, six at South Dade precinct, seven at New Salem precinct, six at West Brow precinct, and zero voters at Davis and New Home precincts.

There were nine votes during the early voting period, and 17 mail-in ballots. The total number of votes was 53.

Election Day for the general election is Tuesday, Nov. 8.


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