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On The Rocks Offers Unique Stays In Dade

REBECCA HAZEN/Dade County Sentinel
Michael and Teah Hicks own On the Rocks, three containers on Lookout Mountain, part of Wander Chatt properties. The Hicks have been involved with real estate for 20 years, and enjoy the hospitality aspect.

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Teah and Michael Hicks, owners of Wander Chatt properties, offer three unique repurposed cargo containers for overnight stays in Dade County, on Lookout Mountain.

The Hicks, from Rossville, have been involved in real estate for 20 years.

“First, we had a duplex. When we had tenants move out, Michael said, ‘What about turning one of them into a short-term rental.’ It’s been great, and now so many people are doing it. We sold those off and we have tried to stick with more unique properties,” Teah said.

There are three containers, located on 5811 Scenic Highway. The property is called On The Rocks, and each container has its own name and theme: The Belvedere Box, The Hangar, and The Cloud 9 Rooftop Deck.

According to Teah, Michael had been researching container homes and started to ‘obsess’ with them.
Michael noted that he has little model containers, which he uses to figure out different configurations. Then he draws out ideas on graph paper.

“They all have their own inspirations. The first one came about because I was watching YouTube videos about 20-foot containers. I modeled it after them because I wanted to make sure everything worked. It took 28 days to build,” Michael said.

The Belvedere Box is the smallest property, at just 160 square feet. The Hangar is two containers put together, so it is twice the size as The Belvedere Box, with a loft. The Cloud 9 features a rooftop deck.

“We didn’t realize what we had at first, but people really raved about it,” Teah said. “The main comment is about the view. People go on and on about it.”

Each container comes with full amenities, including a tiled shower, sink and toilet, a mini refrigerator (full-sized in The Hangar) and kitchen utensils to cook with on an induction cook top.

“Each one has a coffee station. I’m serious about my coffee. There are two ways to make coffee, a regular coffee maker and a French press. We provide whole and ground beans, and we provide a grinder,” Teah said.

There are also two fire pits on the property, and s’mores making kits are available.

If guests are celebrating an occasion, they also have the option to purchase add-ons like banners or a charcuterie box.

Teah and Michael said that they get people from all over the U.S. staying at their properties, but they also encourage local people to stay too.

“We have always liked hospitality. We always like having people over. We like making people’s stays special,” Teah said.

“It provides an opportunity for people to come and experience what north Georgia has to offer. It is exciting to see the after affect. If they stay here, then they go to eat at the Canyon Grill, or at Corner Coffee in Trenton,” Michael said.

Stays at the Cloud 9 Rooftop Deck start at $175 per night, The Belvedere Box at $146 per night, and The Hangar at $180 per night.

The Hicks prefer that children and pets do not stay at On the Rocks, due to safety reasons, because the properties are on the bluff of the mountain.

The Hicks also own the Panoramic View property on Missionary Ridge, The Sassafras Treehouse in Walker County, and are in the process of building the Tennessee River House. Other projects are in the works, including A-frames in Chattanooga, a Volkswagen bus, and a treehouse in the Blue Ridge area.

For more information, visit or call (770) 324-0696.

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