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Local Incumbents Keep Seats In Primary Election

News Editor

All of Dade County’s incumbents won their reelection bid in the May 24, Georgia Primary Election.

The incumbent for North Dade District 1 County Commissioner, Lamar Lowery, received 1,735 votes. Challenger Chris Wade received 1,278 votes.

The incumbent for Sand Mountain District 2 County Commis-sioner, Phillip Hartline, received 2,265 votes. Challenger Patrick Hickey received 739 votes.

Daniel Case and Jennifer Hartline ran unopposed for their Dade County Board of Election seats. Case received 2,625 votes and Hartline received 2,575 votes.

Incumbent and House Representative Mike Cameron won the Republican nomination for District 1, receiving 2,151 votes from Dade County. Challenger Jackie Harling received 784 votes. No Democrats qualified for this race.

Colton Moore, from Dade County, won the Republican nomination for District 53 U.S. State Senate seat. Moore received 1,866 votes from Dade County. Moore carried the vote in four out of the five counties that District 53 represents. Moore’s challenger, Steven Henry, received 1,216 votes from Dade County. Henry won the vote only in his home county of Catoosa. Moore faces no opposition for the upcoming November election. Jeff Mullis, who held the District 53 seat for 22 years, announced his retirement earlier this year.

Marjorie Taylor Greene won the Republican nomination for the District 14 U.S. House of Representatives. Green received 2,307 votes from Dade County. Marcus Flowers won the Democratic nomination with 214 votes from Dade County.

Governor Brian Kemp secured the Republican nomination and received 1,674 votes from Dade County voters. The Democratic nomination is Stacey Abrams, who ran unopposed. Abrams received 286 votes from Dade County.

There were 3,507 ballots cast in Dade County, out of 10,822 registered voters, or 32.41 percent.
Carolyn Hixson, Dade County Board of Elections member, said that things went smoothly on Election Day.

“Considering how many offices were on the ballot, it was calm and organized. We have had no complaints. There were no outstanding glitches, and the voter turnout was very good,” Hixson said.

Hixson also noted that there may be a few runoffs for Democratic seats. The runoff election will be June 21.

To see the full election results, visit the Secretary of State website at Election Day is Nov. 8.

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