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DCHS Class Of 2022 Graduation Is Friday

REBECCA HAZEN/Dade County Sentinel
Dade County High School’s top four seniors, from left to right: Sydney Kidd, valedictorian; Ella Ballard, salutatorian; Khushai Patel, faculty representative; and Micah Evearitt, class representative. Graduation is Friday, May 27, at 7 p.m.

News Editor

Another school year has ended, and the Dade County High School Class of 2022 seniors are gearing up for graduation and preparing for their lives after high school.

Congratulations to this year’s top students. Sydney Kidd is the valedictorian. She is from Trenton, and her parents are Andy and Tiffany Kidd. Ella Ballard is the salutatorian. She is from Trenton, and her parents are Brandon and Tammy Ballard. Khushai Patel is the faculty representative. She is originally from Carrollton, and her parents are Shailesh and Vanita Patel. Micah Evearitt is the class representative. He is from Trenton, and his parents are Tad and Wendy Evearitt.

The top four group gathered together to reminisce about their time at DCHS, their upcoming plans, and their hopes for the future.

The students participated in a multitude of activities. Kidd was involved in Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA), yearbook, and band. Ballard was involved in soccer and in band. Patel was involved in FBLA, BETA Club, Health Occupations Students of America and band. Evearitt was involved in band, soccer, and FBLA.

Kidd will attend the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and major in financing. Ballard will attend Shorter University and major in ecology. Patel will attend the University of Alabama at Birmingham and major in biomedical sciences. Evearitt will attend Covenant College and major in engineering.

All four students said that their favorite teacher was Dr. Doug Bailer, who teaches science.

“He genuinely wants to teach you and he wants you to succeed,” Kidd said.

“He was a good teacher, and he is a funny guy, which made it more enjoyable to learn. He was also understanding,” Ballard said.

“He teaches chemistry really well and it’s always fun,” Patel said.

Evearitt said that both Dr. Bailer and math teacher Stan Gibby were his favorites.

“They have taught me the most out of everyone,” Evearitt said.

The top four group also shared similar favorite subjects and classes.

Kidd’s favorite subject was math, and her favorite classes were Matt Sweat’s AP Literature class and Dr. Bailer’s AP Chemistry. Ballard’s favorite subject was science. Her favorite class was also AP Literature class. Patel’s favorite subject was math, and her favorite class was also AP Chemistry. Evearitt’s favorite subject was math, and his favorite classes were AP Chemistry and AP Calculus.

Kidd’s favorite high school memory is when the teachers had a kickball tournament during her freshman year, and Mr. Prince fell and broke his tooth. Ballard’s favorite memory is hanging out with her friends on Friday afternoons during football season. Patel’s favorite memory was the talent shows. Evearitt’s favorite memory was traveling to soccer games.

The top four share the same hopes, that their fellow students and teachers will remember them all as hardworking, being friendly, and willing to help others.

This summer before college, the group of four all have different plans. Kidd will intern at Coca-Cola United. Ballard will travel with her family. Patel wants to do a lot of college preparation. Evearitt wants to relax and play sports.

When asked what they hoped for themselves for the future, all of them had a similar answer, that they hope to be successful and content in their careers.

The top four also gave advice to incoming high school freshman students.

“Try new things, new clubs and activities. A lot of freshmen think that grades don’t matter, but they do. So, work hard and try your best,” Kidd said.

“Don’t let the thought of high school overwhelm you. It is going to be different, but it will be a good different. Just relax and be yourselves,” Ballard said.

“Try not to procrastinate. It will overwhelm you,” Patel said.

“Take as many AP and dual enrollment classes as you can. It will help in the future,” Evearitt said.

Congratulations to the Dade County Class of 2022. Graduation is Friday, May 27, at 7 p.m.


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