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NASA HUNCH Officials Visit Dade Schools

Members of NASA HUNCH, Bob Zeek, Project Manager; George Kessler, HUNCH Director of Projects and Nanoracks Contractor; Blake Ratcliff, HUNCH Program Manager; and Loy Trevino, NASA HUNCH business partner, visited classrooms at Dade County High School and Middle School that are involved in the NASA HUNCH Program on Thursday, May 5. Students in Jennifer Clark’s healthcare science class at the high school designed prototypes of items that will hold different scents for the astronauts to smell while they are in space. Astronauts that have access to aromatherapy will experience better mental health, as the scents can remind them of home, such as the smell of chocolate chip cookies. “Thank you for putting this all together. This is a big deal that you are willing to go through our projects with us. We appreciate what you are doing so much for NASA,” Ratcliff told the students. Pictured, from left to right: Ratcliff, Kessler, and students Ambryann Cox, Kendall Phillips, Grayson Brown, Alleigh Daniels, and Krysta Cuzzort.

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