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Lifestyle Center Wants To Make You Healthier

REBECCA HAZEN/Dade County Sentinel
Chris and May Lane, husband and wife, run the Community Lifestyle Center in Trenton. The Center features evening cooking and gardening classes, as well as health related seminars. The Lanes have backgrounds in health, and they want to share their knowledge with their local community.

News Editor

The Community Lifestyle Center in Trenton is dedicated to helping local citizens. Lead by Chris and May Lane, husband and wife, who have backgrounds in health, it is their goal to help people be healthier, and therefore happier.

“This is a great way to help people. It is a need in every community. You can reverse almost every disease naturally,” Chris said. “I studied health at Lee University. I also attended natural health programs in Asia, and that is where I met my wife. This is what we like to share.”

The Community Lifestyle Center, located at 12138 B South Main Street, around the corner from the Allstate Insurance office, offers different types of classes in the evening for the community.

There are regularly scheduled cooking and gardening classes, in addition to seminars about reversing diabetes, quitting smoking, and mental health.

The cooking classes, with nutrition talks following afterward, are the second and fourth Monday of each month at 6:30 p.m. The Lanes lead these classes themselves.

Some of the recent meals made during the cooking classes include mushroom toast with micro-greens and chives, multigrain waffles, and barley kale stew. The recipe is given to all attendees.

“This is a way to help teach people how to transition to a healthier diet. For instance, transitioning from eating meat to plant-based meals. We also teach people where to buy the ingredients and which products are the best,” May said.

The gardening classes are the first and third Thursday of each month at 6:30 p.m. The main goal of this class is to teach people how to plant and harvest their own gardens. The attendees share their knowledge, experiences, and ideas. There are also seed swaps.

“Sometimes people come just for the fellowship because they want to make friends. They can come for free and learn something too. It is better than sitting on the couch. People love coming,” May said.

All the classes are free, and walk-ins are welcomed. Reservations are not required for the regularly scheduled classes but are requested for the seminars. Some of the seminars have a small fee to attend.

“We get a lot of different people here. Sometimes there are just a few people and other times our space is maxed out. You just never know who is going to come. We’d love to get more of the community here,” Chris said.

The Lanes are always looking for people who are willing to volunteer their time to facilitate different classes. They hope to start new classes in the future, such as a GED class, and financial classes.

“We are always looking for different things. Classes are changing all the time. We want to try to meet the needs of people,” Chris said.

If anyone is interested in attending a class, the Community Lifestyle Center is on Facebook, where the schedules are posted.

“I think something like this is good for any community. I wish every town could have something like this. We try to share this knowledge with other people, because people deserve to be happy,” Chris said.

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