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Zoom A&L Delivery Service Brings Food, Groceries Right To Your Door

Zoom A&L driver Misty (right) receives a Lalito’s order from a Lalito’s employee. Zoom A&L is a new delivery service in that will deliver food and groceries to anyone in the county.

News Editor

Zoom A&L is a new business that offers delivery services to the Dade County community for a low, flat fee.

Zoom A&L was started by Matthew Lee, of Trenton, after seeing that the county had a need for a delivery service.

“When I decided to do Zoom, I worked with Door Dash, Uber Eats, and Grub Hub. I wanted to find out what people liked and what they didn’t like about it,” Lee said. “None of those services are offered here, so I knew that I wanted to offer that here, and at a price that they wouldn’t be able to compete with.”

Zoom A&L (the A&L stand for Awesome and Lee) has been in business since the end of January. The business is a full-time undertaking, but Lee is able to work around his other work-from-home position.

If an order is placed for a delivery in Trenton, and the customer lives in Dade County, it is a $5 delivery fee. If something is ordered from Lookout Valley, such as groceries from Walmart, or food from Logan’s Roadhouse, the delivery fee is $7.

Lee makes the deliveries, in addition to a few other drivers that help him out. He would like to continue to grow the business, if possible. Lee notes that people in Bryant, Higdon, and Ider, Ala. have asked about the business. Eventually, he would like to expand into South Pittsburg, Jasper and Kimball, Tenn., as well.

“I’m really just trying to help benefit the community,” Lee said. “These other services charge less for delivery, but they have all these other service fees. They also charge the company 30 percent, and I don’t charge the company anything.”

In order to use Zoom A&L’s services, people can call the restaurant of their choice, order their meal, and pay over the phone or by internet. Then the customer can contact Zoom A&L, with the estimated time of when the food order will be ready. A driver will go pick up the order. The Zoom A&L driver will send a text to let the customer know when the order has been picked up, and when it’s been delivered.

Zoom A&L will offer special delivery prices for specific restaurants and free delivery days at random. For example, one day last week there was a discounted $3 delivery for Lalitos or Taco Bell orders.

“My hope is that this helps the community. I am hoping that this will help boost sales with restaurants for people who cannot go to the restaurant for whatever reason,” Lee said.

Also included in the company’s services is grocery pick up. Zoom A&L will not deliver alcohol, cigarettes, lottery tickets, narcotics, Sudafed, or anything heavy that cannot be lifted by one person.

“All of our reviews have been positive. I think it’s been amazing. We have delivered to people who were in the middle of cooking and needed some milk. We have delivered to people who have a lot of little kids and it can be a chore to get everyone out and ready. We delivered to people who have had to quarantine, and to the elderly who wanted to stay in their warm house,” Lee said.

Call or text (423) 602-0865 for a delivery. Zoom A&L is also on WhatsApp messenger.

For more information and to keep up to date with delivery discounts, follow Zoom A&L on Facebook.

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