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Broadband Internet Is Coming To Dade

News Editor

Trenton Telephone Company’s American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) grant application for funds for broadband internet was accepted by the Governor’s office and the Broadband Infrastructure Committee.

“We are still awaiting the details of these funds and when they will become available. We will begin the grant process in August 2021 and completed our application in Dec. 2021,” Adam Austin, Trenton Telephone and TVN Comptroller, said.

Trenton Telephone Company was one out of 49 that were approved for the first round of the funding, out of 200 applicants throughout the state of Georgia,

“When these funds are available, Trenton Telephone Company will be able to provide broadband to all unserved locations throughout the entirety of Dade County, in the most remote areas and in areas outside of our traditional networks that no other providers would serve because of the cost of construction, “Austin said.

The funds will be used to provide the construction of fiber optic cable to the service locations with gigabyte broadband speed.

Austin thanked members of the community for their letters of support that were submitted with the grant.

“Those letters showed that Trenton Telephone Company and TVN is committed to providing high speed broadband throughout our entire county,” Austin said. “Trenton Telephone Company is truly excited and honored to have the opportunity.”

“That’s news we’ve been waiting on for several years. That is going to tremendously help people in outlying areas. It’s going to be a blessing,” County Executive Ted Rumley said.

According to a press release issued by Governor Brian Kemp, there was $408 million in preliminary awards. The 49 ARPA grant projects represent an investment of more than $738 million in Georgia when matching funds are contributed.

The press release listed all award amounts that were granted. Trenton Telephone Company was awarded $6.5 million.

“I am very proud that Georgia is once-again leading the nation in developing collaborative, innovative, and fiscally conservative ways to leverage government funding to positively impact and serve as many Georgians as possible,” said Governor Brian Kemp. “We look forward to the positive impact these projects will have once completed. I ran on a promise to bring opportunity to rural Georgians. If you look at the map of Georgians who will now have access to rural broadband, you will see a promise kept.”

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