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Purchases Approved By County Officials

News Editor

The Dade County Board of Commissioners approved appointments, purchases, and resolutions in a shortened meeting due to the pending inclement water on Thursday, Jan. 6.

The commissioners approved the purchase of turnout gear, boots, hoses and nozzles for Davis Fire and Rescue, from Tennessee Fire Equipment in the amount of $28,352. This will be paid for by SPLOST funds. Chief Mark Gibson noted that the department now has 23 members, which is a large gain.

Commissioners also approved a $20,369 purchase of air handlers and air scrubbers for the small courtroom, main courtroom, and court clerk office, to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. This will be purchased with American Rescue Plan Act funds.

The commissioners set and approved the qualifying fees for the 2022 election cycle. The qualifying fee for a commissioner is $120, and the fee for a school board member is $18. It was noted that these fees have stayed the same for many years.

The commissioners reappointed Robby Ryan to the Special Use Permit Board. They also appointed Katie Cash Bein to the Special Use Permit Board.

Commissioner Lowery also introduced Resolution R-06-22, which is support of constitutional carry.

“This is for support. Jeff Mullis said that he would be putting forth some legislation and State Representative Mike Cameron is also a co-sponsor of a house bill for constitutional carry. This is just something from our government to give them support to get it done,” Lowery said.

Lowery reported that there were 227 EMS calls for the month of December, 237 fire department calls, and 2,094 police department calls, for a total of 2,558 calls.

Commissioner Phillip Hartline reminded citizens, that if they are getting a new meter base, or have bought a new house, to make sure that they are getting the right kind of electric meter.

“Georgia Power used to have a ring type meter, and they don’t accept that anymore. Make sure you have got the right paperwork when you start so you have the right meter base for your power,” Hartline said.

Commissioner Robert Goff reported that $264,843 in SPLOST revenue was collected for the month of December. The year brought in about $2,935,000 total.

“That is about $400,000 more for the year than the year before. I thank the citizens of Dade County, and also the people that pass through. There is no way that just the people in Dade County spend that much in three pennies worth of sales tax,” Goff said.

Commissioner Melissa Bradford reported that there were 111 roadwork orders for the month of December. There was 805 tons at the Recycling and Transfer Station.

County Executive Ted Rumley reported that there will be a quarterly Jan. 13 Georgia Department of Transportation meeting, where they will find out more information about upcoming road projects.

Rumley also noted that there have been a lot of problems with people dumping garbage on the side of the roads.

“Keep an eye on your own roads. We can’t be everywhere. If you see someone go through, try to help us pinpoint these people,” Rumley said.

According to Rumley, a lot of people have been asking questions about why the flags have been at half-mast so much.

“A Senator, Harry Reid, of Nevada died. When that happens, you get a direct order from the President of the United States. This is not our call. That is something that comes down from a higher authority. We have the right to lower the flag too,” Rumley said.

County Clerk Don Townsend gave the financial report. The general fund balance as of Dec. 31 is $4,132,539. The total available 2015 SPLOST funds are $310,134. The total available 2021 SPLOST funds are $97,263. The general fund revenue as of Nov. 30 is $3,281,360.92. The budget was $3,145,773.76.

The next County Commission meeting will be Feb. 3.

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