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Bradford, Donna Qualify For District 4

News Editor

Two people have qualified for Dade County’s District 4 County Commissioner’s seat, Melissa C. Bradford and Bella Donna.

Bradford is the daughter of Allan Bradford. Bradford’s Commission seat was left vacant after he passed away from COVID-19 in March. Bradford has acted as interim District 4 Commissioner since April.

“Since April, I have really enjoyed serving the people of District 4 and Dade County. In addition to my previous experience and certifications with the appraisal office, I’ve since completed nearly a dozen courses of instruction bringing me up to speed for my duties as a commissioner. I plan to continue working hard to complete my commissioner certification. I’ve enjoyed navigating the process and working with the other Commissioners along with our county staff to address the needs of the county. I have already developed great relationships with state and county officials, in this short time of being commissioner,” Bradford said in her announcement to run for the position.

“I am honored to run for this position to represent and serve you on our County Board of Commissioners. I believe it’s important for government to be open and honest, listen to its people, work in the people’s interest, and have the goodwill of Dade County residents as the top priority. I have no ulterior or personal motive in running for this important county position,” Bella Donna said on her Facebook page, Bella Donna -District 4 Candidate, Dade County, Georgia.

The qualifying period for the position lasted for three days and ended on Wednesday, Sept. 29. The term lasts for four years.

According to Public Information Officer Carey Anderson, this will only be the third woman Dade County Commissioner, and it is the first qualifying period where only two women qualified, and will be running against each other. All three sitting women commissioners were and are from Lookout Mountain.

Dade County voters may vote early at the Dade County Commission public meeting room inside the Administrative Building located at 71 Case Avenue.

Early voting hours are: Oct. 12-16, 18-23, and 25-29, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. These dates include two Saturdays. There will be no voting on Monday, Nov. 1.

All county voters must vote in their regular precinct, if voting on Election Day, Tuesday, Nov. 2. All city voters will vote at the Dade County Administrative Building. The polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

For questions, please call the Board of Elections at (706) 657-8170.


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