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First Reading Of ABC Ordinance Amendment

Patty Murphy, Alcoholic Beverage Control Board Clerk, (right, at podium) speaks to the Dade County Commissioners about the amended Alcoholic Beverages Ordinance.

News Editor

The Dade County Board of Commissioners voted to approve the first reading of the amended Alcoholic Beverages Ordinance on Thursday, Aug. 26.

Patty Murphy, Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) Board Clerk, gave an overview of the proposed business guidelines for the Alcoholic Beverage Control permit license application.

“Why are we doing this? On April 6, 2017, Dade County citizens voted to authorize alcohol sales. We want to support that decision that was put in place in 2017, and we want to give some better language to the ABC Board and staff to effectively review, approve, and deny any applications that come forward to us,” Murphy said.

This does not affect liquor by the drink. Restaurants and package stores have already been addressed, and there are no changes for them. Brown bagging will also not be changed.

This does affect venues, the ABC Permit License, and hotels and motels. The ordinance changes will allow for alcohol sales at venues, the ability to sell alcohol at events, and allowing guests to have in-room alcohol (minibars), for any future hotels or motels that may come into the county.

Murphy noted that the application was revised so it could be used for everything such as events, restaurants, venues, etc., so there would be no confusion as to which application to fill out.

In addition, any person, including the licensee, who is engaged in selling, pouring, mixing, serving, or handling alcoholic beverages shall be at least 18 years of age, and shall apply to the ABC Board for an alcoholic beverage service permit. The person will have to be finger printed and have a background check. The permit holder needs to display or wear the permit at all times while on duty.

A venue has the option to get a year-long license, or they can be permitted 12 days out of a calendar year to have an ABC permit license for an event.

The commissioners decided to change language in the ordinance, from a 48-hour limit to 72 hours, to cover three-day events.

It was also noted that this does not affect the city of Trenton.

As of press time, Monday, it is unknown if alcohol will be able to be sold at the upcoming Valley Vibes Music and Arts Festival, to be held this weekend in Wildwood, due to the timing of background checks.

The next reading of the ordinance will be at the commissioner’s regular meeting on Sept. 2.
The ordinance can be read online at Halfway down the main page, click on the white arrow to find the “On the Agenda” page, which lists agendas and supporting documents.”

In addition, at the special called meeting, the board approved the appointment of Sarah Moore to fulfill the unexpired term of Jamey Blevins on the Board of Assessors.

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