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Dade Health And Rehab Closed To Visitors After Covid Exposure

News Editor

An unnamed employee at Dade Health and Rehabilitation has tested positive for COVID-19, prompting the facility to enter into outbreak mode.

Administrator Trina Massengale said that the employee was found to be COVID-19 positive on Saturday, Aug. 7, and is recovering at home. The employee is vaccinated.

All of the employees and residents are being tested twice a week regardless of them being vaccinated or not.

“We will test until we are out of outbreak mode. It could be up to three weeks, just so long as no one else tests positive,” Massengale said.

Massengale noted that the last time someone tested positive at Dade Health and Rehabilitation was last October.

All in-person visitation has been momentarily stopped, as well as resident excursions, unless it is for a doctor’s appointment. Masks must be worn at all times on the premises upon exiting your vehicle.

“We went back to window visits. We are not allowing anybody in our building. We have FaceTime, window visits, and basically that is it for now. We have stopped doing communal dining for now and we are doing activities in the hallway,” Massengale said.

The rehab center has been and is still implementing extra safety measures throughout the duration of the pandemic.

“We had our annual federal survey and inspections, and we did very well, top notch,” Massengale said.

If anyone has any questions, please call Dade Health and Rehabilitation at (706) 657-4171.

“We are just praying that we don’t have any more cases and it is an isolated situation,” Massengale said.

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