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Water Board Increasing Fees For Broken Cut Off Valves

News Editor

The Dade County Water And Sewer Authority approved a fee increase for broken brass shut off valves during their Tuesday, June 22 meeting.

General Manager Sherri Walker noted that right now they are charging $40 for a broken valve, but the valves now cost $47, for a loss of $7 per valve.

“Walker County’s fees are $75, so I propose we match what their fee,” Walker said.

Walker continued, “We actually have customers come out and tell us that they choose to use that valve instead of making plumbing repairs, because it’s only $40 to fix it when they break.”

Customers are advised to install a personal shut off valve outside the meter box for emergency and/or regular use. Meter shut off valves are intended for occasional use as they are made of soft brass and can break with regular use.

The authority approved the fee increase to $75.

Also during the meeting, Walker reported on the USDA project updates. The water main upgrades project is in process, with 1,680 feet of water line installed to date. The estimated completion of the project is mid-August. There are no changes in status to the other projects.

The authority received a bid from Hartline Construction, LLC of $21,602.88, for the Wayside Lane waterline connection. The work includes the installation of approximately 165 feet of six–inch water line to be connected to a four–inch main line. A fire hydrant also needs to be installed. The authority approved the bid. The authority agreed to ask the county for the amount to be covered by SPLOST funds.

A panel for the Sand Mountain Pump Station upgrade project has been ordered and it should arrive by mid-July.

“We got reimbursed $57,500 from insurance, so the $60,000 panel will only cost us about $2,500 out of pocket,” Walker said.

Walker also told the authority that they received a reimbursement of $141,338 from the USDA for a raw water pump on an emergency basis that they put in in the Hinkle area.

The authority will also receive $235,474.20 for another USDA reimbursement.

“This will be a total of $376,032.20. This is money for things that we have already put money out of pocket for. This will be a good cushion back in the revenue account,” Walker said.

The authority has completed the 2020 Water Quality Report, and it can be found on the authority’s website,

Elizabeth Zeller presented the financial report. Income for the month of May was $313,715.01.

Total expenses were $267,167.37. The net profit was $46,547.64.

The office processed 6,320 payments and processed 236 work orders. There were 108 line locates, seven water main leaks repaired and five taps installed.

The next Water and Sewer Authority meeting will be July 27.

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