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Dade Water Authority To Offer Incentive Rate To Project Flavor

News Editor

The Dade County Water and Sewer Authority will offer a five–year discounted water rate as an incentive to bring “Project Flavor,” a Midwest-based food manufacturer company to Dade County.

The authority is proposing a 30 percent discount off of the current city industrial rate for the first year, which will decrease by 5 percent every year until the company is paying the normal rate.

For example, the current rate is $38.31, and the first year a 30 percent discount would take off $11.49 for a total of $26.82.
General Manager Sherri Walker noted that if water rates have to be increased at any point during that time, their rate would also be increased, with the discounted rate added to that price.

Dade County Industrial Development Authority Executive Director William Back attended the meeting.

“I think this is an attractive proposal,” Back said.

Project Flavor is expected to use 187,000 gallons of water a day.

Also during the meeting, Back noted that Jacobs Engineering, on behalf of the city of Chattanooga, Tenn., has requested growth projections in the north end of the county, on Highway 299, because they want to do their review of sewer requirements from north Georgia on up. Walker said that she would get that information to Back.

“I do think that we want to let the city of Chattanooga know that that is a growth horizon for Dade County and we would like to see growth in that area,” Back said.

Walker gave updates on the ongoing USDA projects. The water main upgrades are in progress, and are estimated to be completed by mid-August. The meter replacement project is delayed due to a national semiconductor shortage. Estimated shipping for meters is now October. Pump station upgrades are expected to start on July 19 and the rehabilitation of water storage tanks is expected to start July 12. Contracts are being reviewed by USDA for the Emergency Community Water Assistance Grant.

Walker noted that she has been trying to get a contractor for work on Wayside Lane, which is near Covenant College. A six–inch water line needs to be installed and connected to a four–inch main line, which requires an excavator. A fire hydrant also needs to be installed.

The only fire hydrant near that neighborhood is across the state highway and up the road, according to Walker.

“I haven’t been able to get anybody except for the contractor that’s doing our USDA work,” Walker said. “Nobody has time.”

That contractor gave an estimate of $35,000 for the work.

“These people are desperate for fire protection,” Walker said. “They have been coming to our board meetings for at least five years.”

The authority agreed to table the issue, and asked Walker to try and find a contractor. Once they find one, they will see if the cost could be covered by SPLOST funds.

Elizabeth Zeller gave the financial report. Total income for the month of April was $308,287.90. Total expenses were $297,535.43. 6587 payments were processed and 157 work orders were processed. There were 151 line locates, four water main leaks repaired and eight taps installed.

The next Water and Sewer Authority meeting will be held on June 29.

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