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Police Chief Demoted To City Patrol Officer

News Editor

Steve Beaudoin has been demoted as Trenton City Police Chief.

Beaudoin, who has been with the Trenton Police Department for over 30 years, will continue to work in the department as a patrol officer.

Beaudoin was named as the Police Chief at the City of Trenton Board of Commissioner’s meeting in December 2020.

According to Police Commissioner Kirk Forshee, Beaudoin was demoted for inadequate job performance.

“He was not fulfilling the needs of the job,” Forshee said. “I will not go into detail on any of that.”

In the meantime, Forshee said that there would not be an interim chief. There were multiple applicants for the chief position back in the fall. Forshee said that he would be looking back at that pool of applicants.

Trenton City Hall and the Police Department can be reached at (706) 657-4167.

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