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Vice–Chair Resigns From Dade County Water And Sewer Authority

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Dade County Water and Sewer Authority Vice Chair Harvey A. McKaig handed in his resignation to the board during the authority’s meeting on Tuesday, April 27.

McKaig noted that he has taken a part-time job with the county, so he is no longer able to hold a position on a county board.

“If I could I would continue to serve,” McKaig said. “I have enjoyed the time on the board. I think we have made a lot of headway over the years. As of the end of this meeting I will be resigned from the board. I will miss you all.”

The County Commission will have to name a replacement. McKaig represented the Lookout District.

“We have a brand new commissioner. I have talked to her about that,” McKaig said. “We discussed people I thought might be good. I gave her a name and she also came up with a name. I think if either one of these two take it, they would be good.”

At next month’s meeting the authority will have to discuss who would like to be the next Vice Chair.

Elizabeth Zeller presented the financial report. The total income for the month of March was $283,758.09. Total expenses for the month of March were $274,217.60, for a net profit of $9,540.49.

Zeller also reported that water loss for the month of March was at 43 percent. The office took in 6,587 payments and processed 297 work orders. There were 181 line locates, two water main leaks repaired and 10 taps installed.

Board member William Pullen Jr., asked why water loss was up at 43 percent.

“It goes back and forth every month. That is why we are trying to get flow meters installed. The meters play a big factor into that. We know that we’re not billing out everything that we’re pumping out,” General Manager Sherri Walker explained.

Walker updated the board members on the Sand Mountain pump station repair.

“We still have the insurance company coming up to look at that. We had two guys from a borer company yesterday come to give their estimate. We are close to finding out from the insurance company what it’s all going to cover,” Walker said.

Walker also gave an update on the USDA ECWAG (Emergency Community Water Assistant Grant) project, which involved the purchase of property on Slygo Road in order to bore under the interstate.

“The bid on it was $438,000. We went back and negotiated with [Ladd Environmental Consultants, Inc.], and they have added a rock clause in there. If there is no rock at all, they can do it for $259,000. If it is all rock, it will be $359,000,” Walker said.

Walker suspects the price to be somewhere in the middle, based on the rock clause. If there is no rock, in addition to the grant, which is $150,000 and approved SPLOST funding for $145,900, the authority will have to pay $1,165. If there is all rock, the authority will pay $63,165. The authority approved the bid.

The authority went into executive session to discuss property matters. There was no action taken afterward.

The next Water and Sewer Authority meeting will be May 25.

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