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Paying It Forward

REBECCA HAZEN/Dade County Sentinel
WTVC News Channel 9 news anchor and reporter Jessica Harthorn surprised Dade County High School construction trades teacher David Howard with $500, as a part of the Pay It Forward program on Tuesday, April 13. Alliance for Dade member Dena Abell nominated Howard. When asked why she nominated him, Abell said, “His belief in his students and the skills he is teaching them for the future. He is dedicated. I think it is important to have more students in trade and students that can build things. That is something I admire.” Alliance for Dade members Harry Abell and Jane Dixon were also present for the surprise presentation. As part of the presentation, the students finished a blessing box, sponsored by the Alliance, by installing the two signs on the front. Howard said, “This is helping the local community. It lets our students know that even though they are still in school, they can still help. These students mean the world to me.”

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