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1945 Dade County Fair Given Green Light By City Leaders

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The City of Trenton Board of Commissioners approved the application for the 1945 Dade County Fair during the April 12 meeting.

Nathan Wooten, organizer of the 1945 Dade County Fair, spoke to the commissioners about the event and the committee’s needs, which included the approval of certain streets to be closed during the event, and the use of the Civic Center.

“We got the gang back together in January so we’ve been working on this for a while,” Wooten said. “We would like for the city to be co-sponsor of the event.”

Wooten said they would get an event liability policy for the event.

“Everyone will carry the appropriate insurance and food vendor permits,” Wooten said.

Wooten asked for the commission to reduce the fee for the pool for that day, which has been done during past events. Mayor Alex Case said that if the city co-sponsors, they could possibly offer the pool for free that day.

Wooten also asked to use the Civic Center for the day, for both indoor events and a first aid station.

Wooten said that 20 vendors have signed up already, and four music acts signed.

The 1945 Dade County Fair will include an antique car show, pie eating contest, fireworks and more. The event will be on Saturday, July 3, in Jenkins Park.

In related news, the Civic Center can now be opened, per COVID-19 restrictions being lifted in Georgia. Case noted that the tables and chairs would have to be cleaned before each event.

“Handling things is just as bad as coughing on someone,” Case said. “There has got to be a different type of cleaning procedure. Let’s do some research and get some procedures written out.”

Also during the meeting, Case noted that the municipal elections for Street and Police Commissioners will be held in November, in addition to a special election for Dade County’s District 4 Commissioner seat as well.

“In the past we have usually had to pay for the whole election ourselves. This year it is going to be different. We have worked out an agreement to pay expenses half and half,” Case said.

Qualifying, which will be Aug. 16-18, will be at City Hall and early voting will be at the county administration building.

The commissioners also approved Ordinance No. 2021-01, Broadband Ready Community.

“This is an ordinance that mimics the state ordinance and also the one that the county passed, which most of the city is covered with broadband ready services. This gets us in line saying that we want to be ready if there is federal funding to help improve those services throughout the city, but also help piggybacking with our county to be together strong,” Case explained.

Commissioner Kirk Forshee reported that the Trenton police department answered 510 calls for service, conducted 1,386 business checks, four animal complaints, responded to eight domestic calls, eight trespassing calls, 41 suspicious activity calls and worked 15 accidents. 253 traffic stops were made, resulting in 77 citations. Fines collected for March were $17,627.50.

Commissioner Terry Powell reported animal control had 13 work orders, and there were two animal bites in the county. The ball fields are now in use. Maintenance work on the pool is on-going, with pressure washing and painting occurring.

Commissioner Monda Wooten reported that with recent storms, there has been a lot of work on ditches that were stopped up.

Wooten noted that there would be a city clean up at Jenkins Park on Saturday, April 24. If anyone wants to volunteer their help, they can come to the park starting at 8 a.m.

According to Wooten, The Alliance for Dade, the Southeast Lineman Training Center, Friends of Cloudland Canyon, the 1945 Dade County Fair committee, and the Sheriff’s Department have all offered to help.

Wooten also commended the members of the 1945 Dade County Fair Committee.

“They are working for nothing. They are just volunteers. This is the most successful event I have ever seen in the community. I want to thank all of the sponsors who have come forward. It just helps our city,” Wooten said.

Commissioner Lucretia Houts reported that there was one new inspection, six remodels, and two additions. The fire department had 94 calls, seven of them fire related, six accidents, five medical and 14 standby.

Houts noted that the fire department has free smoke detectors if anyone needs one.

Houts also reported that the Sewer Department had 34 underground locates, seven emergency locates, 18 sewer calls, four sewer tap inspections and one manhole repair.

Case reported that the grand opening for Tractor Supply was a great success.

“We are excited for that business to be there and for the future of what that building brings,” Case said.

Case reported that there was a balance of $673,326.63 in the general fund account as of March 31. Expenses for the month were $132,814.93. Revenues received were $503,070.68. There is $105,128.36 in the savings account. SPLOST funds as of the end of March are at $128,993.43.

Marshana Sharp with the Dade County Library reported that they received a grant to give families a reading program.

“It went for six weeks and we were able to give eight families books. We fed them every Monday night,” Sharp said. “We were able to buy enough equipment from that, so we almost have a full portable kitchen now. We can do cooking events and programs now.”

Eloise Gass with Tree City USA reported that they have been cleaning out flower beds and two trees will be planted in Jenkins Park on April 30.

Jane Dixon with the Alliance for Dade reported that there are about 70 investors. There are different tiers of investorships, starting with senior citizen pricing, going up to $1,000.

“We do have a number of $1,000 investorships. The number is growing, but it takes effort,” Dixon said.

Dixon noted that they have to find a professional director for the chamber.

Dixon thanked Case for inviting the Alliance for Dade members to the grand opening event at Tractor Supply.

“That is a really important thing that has come into the city limits of Trenton,” Dixon said. “We need to start soliciting things to come here. Somebody’s going to take the risk and they need someone to support them.”

The next City Commission meeting will be May 10.

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