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Canyon Gallery Opens In Trenton

REBECCA HAZEN/Dade County Sentinel
Darliene Carter and Rindy Day are friends and co-owners of Canyon Gallery, a new business that opened up in March. Canyon Gallery hosts painting and other arts and craft classes.
Painting classes at Canyon Gallery are held in two hour and three hour sessions. All supplies are provided.

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Canyon Gallery, The Gathering Place for Art, is now open for business in Trenton.

The new business offers two and three-hour painting classes, with different types of classes to start in the future.

“We can do a quick class or if you want to continue on and be more serious with it in a week-to-week class, we can do that too,” co-owner Darliene Carter said.

Carter says that word is traveling, and things have been great for the first three weeks that Canyon Gallery has been open.

Canyon Gallery came to life out of a conversation between Carter and Rindy Day, friends and now co-owners, at a pajama party just this past February at Day’s house.

“We have been friends for six years. We got to talking about if we could do something like this, and what we would want in it,” Day said.

“I made a call to a friend and started asking questions, and then I called Rindy back and said, ‘Okay I am changing your life. We are going to meet Saturday,’” Carter said.

On Saturday they looked at the location, located at 5318 Hwy 136, and they had the keys on Monday.

“It went from a conversation on Wednesday night to picking up the keys on Monday. We opened the doors a month and one day after the conversation,” Carter said. “The Lord blessed us just time and time again.”

Day is a retired registered nurse but she says she has always been into different kinds of arts and crafts. She enjoys painting and decorating furniture. Carter started painting in 1987 and started teaching classes in 2000. She has taught classes at various places such as Michaels and JoAnn Fabrics. Both Day and Carter have had booths at Unique Creations in Trenton.

The two met through a mutual friend, a Bob Ross painting teacher, who has since passed away.

“When I took my first class with our mutual friend, it was like, you don’t look at the world in the same manner,” Day said. “It changes the way you look at things.”

Besides painting classes, there is also a selection of quilter’s fabric, in sizes ranging from small pieces to yards. They also carry transfers by Re·Design with Prima, which are rub-on transfers that can go on furniture and other surfaces. There is also Dixie Belle paint supplies.

Paintings and decorated furniture that Carter and Day have made are also available for purchase.

Painting classes are $35 for two hours and $40 for a three-hour class. All supplies are provided. Patterns are used, so no drawing ability is needed.

Canyon Gallery is currently open Thursday through Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

“If they’ve got a group and they want something special worked up for that group, we can do that,” Carter said. “If someone needs a class booked a day other than those, we are open to that, and night classes too.”

People should try to register at least two days in advance of the class, so Carter and Day can ensure there are enough art supplies for everyone.

Other classes that will start, and have the potential to start at Canyon Gallery will include painting and decorating bird houses, learning techniques for decorating furniture, crafts and embroidery.

Carter noted that Canyon Gallery is evolving, and they are open to suggestions from the community.

“We just want to be a service to the community, help everyone get into art and have some fun,” Carter said.
“It is something that we love and it is a chance to share it. Trenton didn’t really have anything like this. Now you don’t have to go all the way to Chattanooga,” Day said.

For more information, and to register for an upcoming class, call (706) 969-5378 or visit the Canyon Gallery page on Facebook.

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