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Mayor Calls For A Temporary Freeze On SPLOST Spending

News Editor

The City of Trenton Commission approved a SPLOST purchase and discussed the remaining SPLOST funds during the Monday, March 8 meeting.

The Commissioners approved the purchase of vests for the police department, to be purchased with SPLOST funds. There were three bids on the vests.

Commissioners approved the bid by Point Blank, located in Chattanooga, which was the middle-range price.

“They will come here to the department and fit everyone,” Chief Steve Beaudoin said.

The vests will cost $4,840 for five officers. Beaudoin noted that the vests are good for five years.

“We want to make sure those guys are protected,” Mayor Alex Case said.

Case reported that the new SPLOST will start collecting in July. It will be put in the Bank of Dade. According to Case, the SPLOST funds are put into alternating banks, with the current SPLOST at Citizens Bank and Trust.

With the approval of the vests, there is $134,821.44 left in SPLOST funds.

Case asked the commissioners to put a temporary freeze on the current SPLOST, unless it is a dire need, like the police vests.

“We are on a very tight run here,” Case said, noting that there were some projects in the works that would cut into the amount of SPLOST left.

In other news, commissioners approved to name the new street leading to the Tractor Supply as A.L. Dyer Avenue, named for the Dyer family, who sold the property. The Dyer family requested the name. The city will eventually take ownership of the street.

“This has been a super fast-track project. They are going to do a soft opening and a grand opening. It’s coming soon,” Case said about Tractor Supply.

Commissioner Kirk Forshee reported that Trenton Police answered 437 calls during the month of February, as well as conducted 1,297 business checks, one animal complaint, responded to five domestic calls, three trespassing calls, 27 suspicious activity calls and worked 13 accidents. Two hundred fifty nine traffic stops were made, resulting in 131 citations in the city. Collected fines for the month of February were $12,633.75.

Commissioner Terry Powell reported that the Civic Center continues to be closed. There were nine animal control work orders. Powell said that they are taking bids on what it will cost to heat the bathrooms at the park so they can be opened year round.

Commissioner Lucretia Houts reported that the sewer department had 27 underground locates, five emergency locates, 22 sewer calls, two sewer tap inspections, and one man hole repair.

There were two new constructions, four remodels, one remodel and addition, and two additions.

The fire department had 87 calls, six of which were fire related, four accidents, seven medical, 18 on standby, and 52 were dispatched and cancelled.
Commissioner Monda Wooten reported that the street department hauled four loads of gravel over to Vanguard Drive. They also serviced all of the lawnmowers, trimmers and pressure washers.

“We are getting ready for our city wide clean-up, which we didn’t get to do that last year,” Wooten said.

Case reported that GDOT is going to be doing some rework on 10 different areas between Dade and Walker County and pedestrian upgrades on State Route 136 and I-59.

The general fund balance at the end of February was $705,352.87. Revenue for the month was $323,365.53. Expenses were $93,823.39.

Eloise Gass with Tree City USA reported that several flower beds were cleaned out at Veteran’s Park, and trees were planted there as well.

Jennifer Blair asked the commissioners for the opportunity to organize a volunteer cleanup in Jenkins Park, sometime in early April. She noted that she would like to clean up trash, and clean out the invasive species.

Wooten said she would love to partner up with Blair.

Blair also asked the commissioners to consider allowing Fox Environmental, run by Katherine Fox, to apply for another 319 grant to extend the stream bank stabilization project. Fox Environmental managed that project a few years ago.

“The 319 grants are labor intensive to write. Katherine Fox has a great deal of experience not only writing these grants, but also designing and implanting the projects,” Blair said. “I would be happy to assist her in any way.”

Blair said that Fox would be contracted through the city to write the grant on behalf of the city. It would cost approximately $4,000 to $4,500.

Case said that they would look at the proposal.

Jane Dixon, with Alliance for Dade, told the commissioners that the Alliance sends out a weekly update through email to all of their investors, as well as a quarterly newsletter.

The Alliance also offers information about webinars, which offer small business tips and strategies.
In addition, the Alliance is now offering a health insurance plan and a 401k retirement plan exchange, through the Georgia Chamber, through the Alliance.

According to Dixon, the Alliance is working on designing and printing maps of Dade County and Trenton, which will be available at the Welcome Center.

A miniature food pantry, also called a blessing box, will be installed on Highway 136 and Sunset Drive on Lookout Mountain. The Alliance is sponsoring the food pantry.

The next city commission meeting will be April 12.


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