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Appointments, Proclamations Approved

News Editor

Both County Executive Ted Rumley and Commissioner Allan Bradford were absent from the Dade County Board of Commissioner’s Thursday, March 4 meeting. A short agenda, coupled with no guest speakers, resulted in a short meeting.

Commissioner Robert Goff noted that Rumley was taking care of his mother. Bradford was also absent, still battling COVID-19 in the hospital. Goff noted there was still a quorum for the meeting.

The commissioners approved multiple proclamations during the meeting, including designating March as Sexual Assault Awareness Month, Save Your Vision Month, Social Workers Month and Intellectual Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month.

The commissioners also approved multiple appointments.

Commissioners approved James Cantrell’s appointment to the Industrial Development Authority for a term that expires at the end of 2022, as well as the appointment of Stephanie Stacey Prater to the Northwest Georgia Joint Development Authority for a term expiring at the end of 2024.

The commissioners also accepted the resignation of David Young from the Special Use Permit Board, and approved the appointment of Carlton Stallings in his place, for a term that expires at the end of 2021.

Commissioner Lamar Lowery reported that there were 205 EMS calls, 235 fire calls and 341 police calls.

“I would like to remind everybody to think about what’s been going on in Texas. Have your emergency supplies ready,” Lowery said.

Commissioner Phillip Hartline noted that the first coat of Safe Coat has been applied on the fields over at the sports complex.

“We hope that will help with the water issue to help dry the fields out,” Hartline said.

Hartline noted that all of the weekends in April and May are booked for tournaments.

Goff reported that he and Rumley recently went to the Capitol. They talked to the Georgia Department of Transportation Commissioner about sections of road in the county.

“They did come up on Tuesday and they looked at the places on the side of the mountain [on Highway 136 West],” Goff said.

“We were told by the commissioner of GDOT that they would help us with 70 percent of County Road 6, which is huge,” Goff said.

Goff continued, “Billy Massengale and the road department, they do work hard. I cannot say enough about those guys and what they have done. When [GDOT] came, they could not believe we did so much of that work in house. If you see anyone working on it, tell them thank you.”

Goff also reported that the month’s SPLOST revenue was $222,240.

Goff encouraged everyone to vote for the referendum for E-SPLOST, for the school system, noting that turnout has been low.

There were no guest appearances during the meeting. Speakers were asked to not come, due to the two absences.

A UGA Extension presentation was played, detailing past and upcoming events.

Dade County 4-H members Ella Hughes and Callie Hughes were successful at the Georgia Junior National Livestock Show in Perry, both placing in many top 5 classes.

Members of the 4-H Cloverbuds Club recently learned about sheep and their wool. They also learned about kites and wind in the March meeting.

The next 4-H Community Club’s meeting will be March 23 at 5:30 p.m., both in person at the Dade County Public Library, and over Zoom.

A Northwest Georgia Home Vegetable Garden Workshop will be held over Zoom on March 23, from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. Registration is required and limited, however, the UGA Extension will livestream the event. To register, call (706) 657-4116.

Don Townsend presented the financial report. The general fund balance is at $2,388,772.00 as of Feb. 28. Expenses for the month of January were $1,251,766, which was over budget by $372,653.

“In emergency management, you see that $299,809 was spent, but only $5,390 was budgeted, and that has a lot to do with CARES funding. So in time, that will take care of itself,” Townsend said.

Year to date spending is $7,364,968, and the budget is $7,414,347.

The next Board of Commissioner’s meeting will be April 1.


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