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New Stores To Open Soon, More Coming

News Editor

County Executive Ted Rumley spoke about the progress about the Dollar General being built on Sand Mountain and the new Tractor Supply just off of I-59, as well as addressed rumors about new businesses coming to the county, during the Thursday, Feb. 18 weekly county update.

“They are working almost 24/7 on that building,” Rumley said about Tractor Supply. “They are putting up the big sign up over the interstate.”

The owners will take possession of the building on March 1. Tentatively, they hope to open by March 26 or 27.

According to Rumley, the Tractor Supply manager was in Trenton in the last few weeks. He reached out to the 4-H and UGA Extension Agent Sarah Dyer.

“They are going to be really good to work with for our ag people,” Rumley said.

Rumley does not know an opening date for the Dollar General on Sand Mountain, but he said that the workers are really rolling. He hopes to know an opening date by next week.

“They have got the parking area concrete poured and the power is on,” Rumley said.

The closed down Fred’s, located at 11858 S. Main St., has been purchased, but it is not known what will open in its place.

The company that purchased the building owns many different stores. Rumley said that it was rumored that it could be a Dollar General market.

“We’re not announcing anything, but I try to share with you what I know,” Rumley said. “I’m looking forward to seeing another retailer there.”

The land across from Food City off of McKaig Road has also been purchased, but Rumley says it has not been confirmed what is going to be there. There are rumors that it could be a hotel.

County Road 6 construction has slowed down in the past few days because of the weather, but the workers are still on schedule.

“Things are looking good up there right now. It’s changing almost weekly as far as the cosmetics of it. It’s really coming along,” Rumley said.

Rumley gave an update about Commissioner Allan Bradford, who is currently battling COVID-19. Bradford is at CHI Memorial Hospital. A Facebook page has been created, Prayers for Allan Bradford, to share updates about his progress.

“Allan has been having a hard time with this, please keep him and his family in your prayers,” Rumley said. “His family has not been able to see him.”

“This goes to show you that this COVID is serious stuff,” Rumley continued.

Dade County has seen 57 cases in the past two weeks, for a total of 1,069 COVID-19 cases. The number of cases can be found at

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