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Tractor Supply Expected To Open First Of April

REBECCA HAZEN/Dade County Sentinel
From left to right: Trenton Mayor Alex Case, Mike Lawson with David Lawson Construction, County Executive Ted Rumley, Project Manager Sam Humbard with W.R. Newman General Contractors, and Jerry Kyzer, Trenton Fire Chief and Building Inspector, stand in front of the in-process Tractor Supply building. Tractor Supply is expected to open by April.
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Tractor Supply is expected to be finished and open for business in Dade County by the beginning of April.
The building is being built in the old Dyer Chevrolet location, just off of I-59.

Mayor of Trenton, Alex Case, noted that he was first approached by the company that builds the stores, Reese Real Estate Development Partners, out of Middletown, Ohio, which are then leased to Tractor Supply.

“He wanted to keep it very low key. A lot of the initial work was done by phone and email,” Case said.
Possible properties were identified. Case would contact the property owner and ask if they were interested and told them there was a potential buyer for commercial property.

In the beginning there were about six to eight different properties identified in the city and county.

The properties were eventually narrowed down, including the property owned by Dyer Management Group.
Case noted that County Executive Ted Rumley had worked with the Dyer family for years, so at that point they started working together. They both had to sign non-disclosure agreements.

“We don’t sign non-disclosure agreements to make anyone mad,” Case said. “They were within a budget. They wanted to look at fair market prices. That is one of the things we have to do in our positions.”

The city and the county are helping to build a secondary entrance to the building, a side road, which will connect to the Taco Bell on Pace Drive.

“We are getting them some funding to help with that. That will come back to the city. We have been working on that since they said they were going to come here. Looking long term, it was a great deal. So we look at what we can do to help them,” Case said. “If we can get more businesses like this in, this helps keep millage down.”

When asked about the importance of Tractor Supply coming to the city of Trenton, and Dade County, Case said, “There’s going to be jobs, and it gives us another outlet to get things.”

“It’s going to keep the tax money home,” Rumley said.

Case noted that he was also excited at the prospect of Tractor Supply working with the local 4-H program.

“It’s a huge team effort,” Case noted. “We are two separate governments but we do have to work together.”

“A lot of people want to work over there. That’s the number one question we’re getting,” Rumley said.

Sam Humbard, with W. R. Newman General Contractors, is the project manager for the building site.

“The construction process has been going well. The city and the county have been cooperative and they have been helpful,” Humbard said.

The building is approximately 19,000 square feet and there will be 55 parking spaces.

According to Humbard, the workers still have to work on exterior concrete, paving and utilities.

“We have stayed pretty much on schedule. The weather has given us a little bit of a kick though. Hopefully we will be finished with the construction by the first of March,” Humbard said.

Tractor Supply is already in the process of hiring for the store. To fill out an application online, visit On the bottom of the home page, click on “Careers” and then “Search for Jobs.” Enter in the state and the city, or zip code, and job listings will appear.

According to, the store is the largest rural lifestyle retailer in the United States. The store sells products to care for the home, land, pets and animals. There are currently over 1,900 store locations in 49 states.

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