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Majority Of Dade Voters Cast Ballot For Perdue And Loeffler In Run–Off Elections

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Over half of Dade County’s registered voters turned out to vote in the Georgia Senate runoff election, with the voting period concluding on Election Day, Tuesday, Jan. 5.
The majority of voters in Dade County voted for Republicans David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler. Democrats Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock ended up winning the Georgia Senate seats.

“Dade County had minimal issues. The voters were knowledgeable, cooperative and dedicated because they voted again, of course,” Board of Elections member Carolyn Hixson said.

Six thousand three hundred and seventy three votes were cast from 11,962 registered voters, or 53.28 percent, compared to 64.14 percent of Dade County’s registered voters voting in the November presidential election. 82.21 percent voted for Perdue and 17.79 percent voted for Ossoff. 82.47 percent voted for Loeffler and 17.53 percent voted for Warnock.

The Public Service Commission District 4 race was also on the ballot. Incumbent Lauren Bubba McDonald Jr. received 82.93 percent of the votes from Dade County, and Democratic challenger Daniel Blackman won 17.07 percent of the votes.

Two thousand five hundred and twenty four votes were cast on Election Day, and 3,030 votes were during the early voting period. There were 815 absentee ballots.

A further break down of the numbers by precincts shows that there were 1,055 ballots cast at the North Dade precinct, or 55.18 percent of 1,912 registered voters. There were 1,585 ballots cast at the Trenton precinct, or 42.88 percent of 3,696 registered voters. There were 721 ballots cast at the West Brow precinct, or 58.12 percent of 1,275 registered voters. There were 433 ballots cast in the New Home precinct, or 59.81 percent of 724 registered voters. There were 1,135 ballots cast in the Davis precinct, or 55.31 percent of 2,052 registered voters. There were 840 ballots cast in the New Salem precinct, or 65.02 percent of 1,292 registered voters. There were 584 ballets cast in the South Dade precinct, or 57.76 percent of 1,011 registered voters.

Warnock’s Senate seat will be up for reelection in 2022, while Ossoff will serve a full six-year term.

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